What’s New In simple-jpa 0.5.2

simple-jpa 0.5.2 fixes bugs that causes create-simple-jpa command not working as expected. In this release, create-simple-jpa will download required JDBC driver from Maven central repository (based on -jdbc value) if it is not available. This will be disabled if -skip-database argument is present.

simple-jpa 0.5.2 also introduces support for Apache Derby embedded database in create-simple-jpa command. For example, the following command will setup an embedded Apache Derby database:

griffon create-simple-jpa -user=myuser -password=mypassword 
    -rootPassword=password -database=C:/database 

The command above will use Derby database stored in C:/database. If it doesn’t exist, a new database will be created in the same location. The owner of this new database is user root and her password is password (specified in -rootPassword). User myuser (password is mypassword) will also be created. The project will connect to the specified Derby database as user myuser.

Another improvement is find[DomainClass]ByDsl() now accepts nested path by separating them using double underscores (__). See the following code for an example:

def result = findOrderByDsl {
    orderItem__category__name eq('CAT1')

The code above produces the same result as:

def result = executeQuery("FROM Order o 
    WHERE o.orderItem.category.name = 'CAT1'")

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