simple-jpa 0.8 is released

What’s new in this release?

  1. Improvements in default scaffolding’s templates.
  2. Allow nested property in finders.
  3. Allow user to specify custom generator for scaffolding by using generate-all -generator=package.custom.generator.
  4. Allow user to add scaffolding configurations in Config.groovy.
  5. Add to automatically run scaffolding before compiling classes.
  6. Add DDD scaffolding generator that can be selected by using generate-all -generator=simplejpa.scaffolding.generator.ddd.DDDGenerator.
  7. Add new artifact type: repository.
  8. Add create-repository command.
  9. Automatically add createdBy and modifiedBy to domain classes.
  10. Add optional login dialog that will be displayed at startup time.
  11. Fix nested property path for validation wasn’t parsed properly.
  12. Fix TagChooser hover not working properly.
  13. Change DialogUtils methods signature.
  14. Increase performance of DbUnitTestCase by caching IDataSet.
  15. Change DbUnitTestCase to perform insert operation only. This can be changed by overriding cleanDataSet() and insertDataSet().
  16. Change DbUnitTestCase to execute clean.sql before inserting records from dataset if it is exists.
  17. Change DbUnitTestCase to execute before.sql before setUpDatabase() and after.sql after setUpDatabase() operation.
  18. Split setup method in DbUnitTestCase to loadMVC() and setUpDatabase().
  19. Add confirm() and message() to DialogUtils that will display message dialogs from EDT thread.
  20. Don’t execute String in templateRenderer node using SimpleTemplateEngine but treats it as property/function lookup (use closure for more complex expression).
  21. Add default popup menu for glazedTable() to copy a cell value and print table’s content.
  22. Allow using menuItem() inside glazedTable() to define menu items for popup menu.
  23. Add exp as synonym for expression in glazedColumn().

simple-jpa documentation is now generated by using AsciiDoctor. It should be mobile device friendly 🙂 You can visit simple-jpa documentation site in

WARNING: The binary uploaded to Griffon repository is compiled by using Groovy 2.3. Coincidentally, Groovy 2.3 binary is not fully compatible with previous version. Griffon 1.5 by default shipped with Groovy 2.2. If you encounter missing class exception, try to upgrade Groovy library used by Griffon to Groovy 2.3. This version is not compatible with Griffon 2.0.

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